Melissa Hormann, Sales Associate

Melissa Hormann Sales Associate

Melissa combines 16 years of sales and marketing expertise with a strong real estate legal background. She is a Real Estate Paralegal - expert at contract negotiating and administration, ensuring that all transactions are successful and go as smoothly as possible.

Melissa has:

• Conducted more than 1,000 real estate closings

• Participated in more than 3,000 real estate transactions

• Prepared more than 700 title policies

• Been involved with purchases, sales, wholesaling, financing, offshore structuring for foreign owners, public auctions, foreclosures, and property management.

Melissa is well-respected fo, and highly skilled at working with national and international clients seeking and selling million dollar plus properties. She has strong connections throughout South Florida and a network of the best developers, attorneys, mortgage brokers, and contractors to ensure all her transactions are successful.

“I don’t simply sell real estate. I customize my service for each individual client and ultimately sell an extraordinary lifestyle. I fully understand my client’s every need, listen to every detail that is important to them, and work hard at making sure I consistently exceed their expectations.

“In the end, it’s really all about relationships. Once I complete a transaction, the transaction is done - but the relationships I establish last forever.”