John Donato, Realtor Associate

John Donato Realtor Associate

Born in Miami Beach, FL. John has spent his entire life living right here in South Florida. He was raised in Ft. Lauderdale/ Hollywood area of Broward County. John has also completed high school and his collegiate education in South Florida. His knowledge of South Florida is very extensive from West Palm Beach to Miami Beach. Over the years he has acquired the intangible gift of knowing trends, market shifts, and high demand locations in Real Estate.

Early on in John's career he has excelled in providing 15 years of superior customer service for Miami's elite Athletes and affluent clients while working for various Nightclub's on Miami Beach. Dealing with high profile clients on a daily basis has become second nature to John. Many of his network of Athletes and sports agents have become personal friends. John will be providing them with his real estate services from everything to rentals, short term leases, second properties, and investment properties.

Currently John remains in the night life scene as Director of Operations for Dream Nightclub. Dream is owned by retired Jacksonville Jaguars NFL player Kevin Hardy. It is there John has catered to such athletes as Floyd Mayweather, Usain Bolt, Venus Williams, and Kevin Durant just to name a few of the elite. John is always working for his clients night and day for whatever their needs require. He is relentless when it comes to providing his clients with superior service and fulfillment of all their demands. A quality you cannot teach. He is very detailed oriented and will provide any client with a stream line process that makes it effortless when dealing with him. He provides professionalism to all his clients weather they are Athletes or high profile clients you'll never know the difference in service. John knows if he wants to be the best Realtor in South Florida he will have to constantly work on his craft and get better everyday. He is not someone who is afraid of hard work. Everything he has achieved in life has been from hard work. Nothing was ever given to him he has always earned it. He has never looked for shortcuts or easy way outs. He never gives up!

During John's off time he enjoys spending time with his family. His 6 year old daughter provides his ambition to be successful. He believes nothing is more important than family. He plans to one day build an empire for his children to take over in the real estate business.  Education is always worked into his off time as well to help keep up with the knowledge of his forever changing career in Real Estate. John is also heavy into fitness. It has provided him with the energy to keep up with his very demanding lifestyle of always being on the run.